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Alert by HelpAround - Creating the first AI-Powered Panic Button

Alert by HelpAround is the simplest way to call for help.
Tapping the Alert button notifies three emergency contacts and dials them into a conference call with you

The Neura advantage

By integrating Neura personal AI service, Alert enables its users to automatically share the context in which the panic button was pressed with their emergency contacts.


With live context, Alert by Helparound becomes aware of much more than just location. When the button is pressed, user's Live context is transmitted to the helpers.
With Continuous Updates, any change in live context will be transmitted to the helpers after the button has been pressed, keeping them up to date with the user's condition.

About Neura

Unlock the potential of contextual user interactions The Neura SDK tunes product's performance to each individual user. By analyzing user’s tech ecosystems, activities, habits and metrics – Neura provides insights and knowledge that enriches products with contextual awareness. If you're interested in learning more about Neura, you can visit our website or developer site.