Rethinking health and wellness

Hello Heart - A Mobile Therapeutics Platform

HelloHeart helps users manage high blood pressure conditions and associated heart risks.

The Neura advantage

With Neura personal AI service, HelloHeart users gain the ability to guide themselves intelligently to a safer lifestyle, mitigating the risks associated with high blood pressure.


With Personal AI, Hello Heart can approach the user about taking daily medicine doses when the user is responsive
Through Neura, users can share the patterns of their lives with Hello Heart, which is able to guide them to a healthier life

About Neura

Unlock the potential of contextual user interactions The Neura SDK tunes product's performance to each individual user. By analyzing user’s tech ecosystems, activities, habits and metrics – Neura provides insights and knowledge that enriches products with contextual awareness. If you're interested in learning more about Neura, you can visit our website or developer site.